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Welcome to Shenzhen Geegood Technology Co., Ltd to begin your business journey.


We are a registered factory & trade company, locate in Shenzhen China, have own warehouse in Shenzhen and HongKong, So we can fast ship goods to you from Shenzhen or HK warehouse ASAP.


We are professional supplier of Brand LG Samsung Panasonic Sony Sanyo AWT 18650 battery, Nitecore and Xtar, Trustfire, Supfire and many brand good quality battery charger, Car charger, Quick charger, polymer battery, battery pack, battery testing tool, power bank, electronics scooter, Bluetooth earphone, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth products , mobile phone accessory and New design and hot sale electronic products etc.

All the goods are original geniune 100% grade A quality, with 12 months warranty.


Welcome OEM/ ODM, More than 8 years export experiences, grade quality, fast delivery and rich professional export services, can Door to door service, you can received goods at home or office only ,  no need to worry about the quality and shipment, your goods and money is safe in here.


We are assure that you will make more profits and benefits from our professional.


We sincerely hope that we could become your reliable supplier and to do long term business together in the near future, and hope your business more and more prosperous.

Thanks again for your supports!


Anything you need we can supply!

Enjoy your business tour!

Some 18650 batteries models for reference:

LG 18650 battery:

LG S3 2200mAh,  LG B4 2600mAh,  LG D1 D2 3000mAh,  LG E1 3200mAh,  LG F1L 3350mAh

LG MF1 MF2 2200mAh 10A,  LG M26 2600mAh,  LG MG1 2900mAh,  LG MH1 3200mAh,   LG MJ1 3500mAh 10A

LG HD2 2500mAh 25A,  LG HD2C 2100mAh 20A,  LG HE2 2500mAh 20A,  LG HE4 2500mAh 20A,  LG HG2 3000mAH 20A


Samsung 18650 battery:

Samsung 22F 22FM 2200mAh,    Samsung 26F 26FM 26H 26HM 26JM 2600mAh,  Samsung 28A 2800mAh,     

Samsung 30A 30B 3000mAh,      Samsung 32A 3200mAh

Samsung 22P 22P M 2200mAh 10A,  Samsung 29E 2900mAh 10A,  Samsung 32E 3200mAh 10A,  Samsung 35E 3500mAh 10A

Samsung 20R 20R M 2000mAh 20A,  Samsung 25R 25R M 2500mAh 20A,  Samsung 30Q 3000mAh 15A


Sony 18650 battery:

Sony V3 2200mAh 10A,  Sony VTC4 2100mAh 30A,  Sony VTC5 2600mAh 30A,  Sony VTC6 3000mAh 30A


Panasonic 18650 battery:

Panasonic 18650PF 2900mAh 10A,  Panasonic 18650BD 3200mAh 10A,  Panasonic 18650BL 3350mAh 7A,  

Panasonic 18650BE 3200mAh,         Panasonic 18650B 3400mAh


Panasonic 18500 2000mAh,   Panasonic 18500A 2040mAh


Sanyo 18650 battery:

Sanyo 18650ZY 18650FM 2600mAh,  Sanyo 18650ZT 2800mAh ,  Sanyo 18650ZTA 3000mAh,  Sanyo 18650BF 3400mAh

Sanyo UR18650RX 2000mAh 20A,   Sanyo UR18650NXS 2600mAh 20A,  Sanyo 18650GA 3500mAh 10A


Sanyo 18500 1600mAh


Cheaper China brand 18650 batteries:

Changjiang 18650 battery and Zhuoneng 18650 battery: 2000mAh 2200mAh 2500mAh, 2600mAh, 3000mAH.


Boston swing battery 4400mAh and 5200mAh



High quality battery charger:

Nitecore charger:

Nitecore F1,  Nitecore i1,   Nitecore i2,   Nitecore New i2,   Nitecore i4,   Nitecore D2,   Nitecore D4,   Nitecore UM10,   Nitecore UM20


Xtar charger:

Xtar MC1£¬ Xtar MC1 Plus,  Xtar MC2,  Xtar VC2,  Xtar VC2 Plus,  Xtar VC4,  Xtar VP2,  Xtar VP4,  Xtar XP4,  Xtar XP4C,  Xtar SV2


Trustfire and Ultrafire and Supfire charger:

Trustfire TR-001,  Trustfire TR-003,  Trustfire TR-012,   Ultrafire WF-139,   Supfire  AC-16,   Supfire  AC-26,   Supfire AC-10,   Supfire AC-21,  Supfire AC-40


Klarus charger:

Klarus C2,    Klarus C4,   Klarus C8,   Klarus CH4S

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