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New arrival original brand battery models promotional 2023

Time£º2023/9/7 Posted£ºShenzhen Geegood Technology Co., Ltd

New original LG Samsung Sony Panasonic Sanyo 18650 21700 18500 14500 batteries big promotional!!!

newest production date original battery on sale big wholesale!

Original 100% brand new A quality best battery bulk in stock fast shipping 

LG 18650 21700 battery:

LG B4L 2600mAh 

LG D1 D2 3000mAh

LG E1 3200mAh

LG F1L 3350mAh INR18650F1L

LG MF1 or MF2  2200mAh 10A

LG M26 2600mAh 10A INR18650M26 INR18650M26S

LG MG1 M29 2900mAh 10A INR18650M29

LG MH1 3200mAh 10A INR18650MH1

LG MJ1 3500mAh 10A INR18650MJ1

LG HD2 2100mAh 25A

LG HD2C 2100mAh 20A

LG HE2 2500mAh 20A INR18650HE2

LG HE4 2500mAh 20A INR18650HE4  

LG HG2 HG4 3000mAh 20A  INR18650HG2 INR18650HG4

LG HG6 20650 3000mAh 30A INR20650HG6

LG 21700 M50T  M50LT 5000mAh 10A INR21700M50LT INR21700M50T


Samsung 18650 21700  battery:

Samsung 22F 22FM 2200mAh

Samsung 26F 26FM 26H 26HM 26JM 2600mAh ICR18650-26J ICR18650-26JM,

Samsung 28A 2800mAh 

Samsung 30A 30B 3000mAh

Samsung 32A 3200mAh

Samsung 22P 22PM 2200mAh 10A

Samsung 29E 2900mAh 10A INR18650-29E

Samsung 32E 3200mAh 10A INR18650-32E

Samsung 33G or 33GT 3300mAh 10A INR186503-33G

Samsung 35E 3500mAh 10A INR18650-35E

Samsung 20R or 20RM 2000mAh 20A INR18650-20R

Samsung 25R or 25RM 2500mAh 20A INR18650-25R INR18650-25R M

Samsung 30Q or 30QM 3000mAh 15A INR18650-30Q

Samsung 21700 30T 3000mAh 35A INR21700-30T       

Samsung 21700 40T 4000mAh 35A INR21700-40T  

Samsung 21700 50E 10A INR21700-50E   

Samsung 21700 50S 5000mAh 30A INR21700-50S

Samsung 21700 48G 4800mAh INR21700-48G

Sony MURATA 18650 battery:  

US18650V3  18650 V3 2200mAh 10A  

US18650VC3 18650 VC3 1900mAh 18A

US18650VTC4 18650 VTC4 2100mAh 30A

US18650VTC5 18650 VTC5 2600mAh 30A

US18650VTC5A 18650 VTC5A 2600mAh 30A

US18650VTC5C 18650 VTC5C 2800mAh 30A

US18650VTC5D 18650 VTC5D 2800mAh 30A

US18650VTC6 18650 VTC6 3120mAh 30A

US18650VTC6A 18650VTC6A 3120mAh 30A

Sanyo Panasonic 18650 20700 21700 18500 103450 battery:

UR18650ZM2 18650 ZM2 2450mAh

UR18650ZY UR18650ZK UR18650FM  18650 ZY ZK FM 2600mAh 

UR18650ZT 18650 ZT 2800mAh

UR18650ZTA 18650 ZTA 3000mAh

NCR18650PF 18650 PF 2900mAh 10A 

NCR18650BD 18650 BD 3200mAh 10A 

NCR18650B NCR18650BF 18650B 18650BF 3400mAh 

NCR18650GA 18650 GA 3500mAh 10A

UR18650RX 18650 RX 2000mAh 20A

UR18650NXS 18650 NXS 2600mAh 20A

UR18650ZL2 18650 ZL2 2600mAh 10A

NCR20700B 20700B 4250mAh 18A 

NCR21700A 21700A 3000mAh 30A

Sanyo 18500P 1700mAh

Panasonic 18500 2000mAh 

Panasonic 18500A 2040mAh

Sanyo 14500P 840mAh

Sanyo 14430P 700mAh

Sanyo 103450 1880mAh 

Panasonic 103450 2350mAh    

Sanyo 553450 1150mAh

Panasonic CR123A / CR17345 1400mAh 

Original E-ONE MOLICEL 18650 21700 low temperature battery:

18650 M35A INR-18650-M35A 3500mAh 10A

18650 P26A INR-18650-P26A 2600mAh 35A

18650 P28A INR18650-P28A 2800mAh 35A

21700 P42A NR-21700-P42A 4200mAh 45A

21700 P45B INR-21700-P45B 4500mAh 45A

China EVE 18650 battery :

ICR18650 26V 18650 26V 2550mh 7.5A 13A

INR18650 29V 18650 29V 2850mAh 10A

INR18650 33V 18650 33V  3200mAh 10A

INR18650 20P 18650 20P 2000mAh 20A

INR18650 25P 18650 25P 2500mAh 20A

INR21700-50E 21700 50E 5000mAh 10A

China DMEGC 18650 battery cheaper price:

INR18650-26E 18650 26E 2600mAh 10A

INR18650-29E 18650 29E 2900mAh 10A  

INR18650-32E 18650 32E 3200mAh 10A

INR18650-20P 18650 20P 2000mAh 20A

INR18650-25P 18650 25P 2500mAh 20A

INR21700-45E 21700 45E 4500mAh 3C 13A

China Sinowatt 18650 20650 21700 battery cheaper price:

SW18650-25HP 18650 25HP 2450mAh 5C 12A max 8C 20A 
SW18650-25SP 25SP 2500mAh 8C 20A max 12C 30A PK LG HE2 HE4 Samsung 25R 25RM
SW18650-26HPA 26HPA 2600mAh 3C 8A max 5C 12A PK LG M26 Samsung 26J
SW18650-30MP 30MP 3000mAh 3C 10A max 5C 15A PK LG M29 MG1 Samsung 29E
SW18650-30SP 30SP 3000mAh 5C 15A max 10C 30A PK LG HG2 Samsung 30Q Sony VTC6
SW18650-32HP 32HP 3200mAh 3C 9A max 5C 15A PK LG MH1 Samsung 32E
SW18650-34MP 18650 34MP 3350mAh 2C 6A max 3C 10A PK LG F1L
SW18650-35MP 18650 35MP 3350mAh 3C 10A max 5C 15A PK LG F1L
SW18650-35HP 35HP 3500mAh 3C 10A max 5C 15A PK LG MJ1 Samsung 35E NCR18650GA
SW26650-50ME 20650 50ME 5000mAh 3C 15A max 5C 25A

China Far East Battery FEB 18650 21700 battery cheaper price:

18650 2400EC 2400mAh 10A

18650 2500EC 2500mAh 10A

18650 2600EC 2600mAh 10A

21700 38M 3800mAh 20A

21700 4500mAh 3C 13.5A


Lishen LS 18650 21700 battery cheaper price:

LS LR18650LA 18650 LA 2000mAh 20A

LS LR2170SA 21700 SA 4000mAh 3C 12A

LS LR2170SF 21700 SF 4500mAh 3C 13.5A

LS LR2170LA 21700 LA 4000mAh 10C 40A

China BAK 18650 21700 battery cheaper price:

18650 CL N18650CL 2900mAh 3C

18650 CK N18650CK 3050mAh 2950mAh 2C 6.1A

18650 CP N18650CP 3350 3400mAh 2C 3C

18650 CH H18650CH 2600mAh 2C 5A

18650 CQ H18650CQ 2550mAh 10A

18650CNP N18650CNP 2500mAh 30A

21700 CG N21700CG 21700CG 5000mAh 15A

LiFePo4 battery:

Ocell 18650 1300mAh 1500mAh 3C battery

China LiFePo4 Battery:

26650 3.2V 4500mAh 2C

26650 3.2V 2500mAh  30C75A   40C100A-30s

26650 3.2V 3000mAh   10C30A  15C45A-30s

26650 3.2V 3400mAh   3C10A  

26650 3.2V 3600mAh   3C10A   5C18A-30s

26700 3.2V 4000mAh   3C12A

32700 3.2V 6000mAh   3C18A

CBAK 26650HC 3.2V 4500mAh 2C

BAK 26650HC2E 3.2V 5000mAh 5C


China Prismatic LiFePo4

Ganfeng GFB 48173125  3.2V 100Ah 320Wh

Ganfeng GFB 53173207  3.2V 206Ah 660Wh

Ganfeng GFB 71173207  3.2V 277Ah 886Wh

BAK 40220117  3.2V 100Ah 320Wh

EVE LF22K 18131148  3.2v 22Ah  70A  (resistance 0.5mohm)

EVE LF50F 27148127  3.2V 50Ah  resistance 2.0mohm

EVE LF50K 29135185  3.2V 50Ah  resistance 0.7mohm

EVE LF100MA or LA 50160119  3.2V 100Ah  resistance 0.5mohm

EVE LF105 37130200  3.2V 105Ah  resistance 0.5mohm

Envision 72173207 3.2V 305Ah  resistance 0.19mohm

Boston swing battery4400mAh and 5200mAh and 5300mAh

Maxell CR2450HR 3V 550mAh,  A123 LiFePo4 26650 2500mAh 70A


Lithium Titanate battery LTO battery:

Yinlong LTO66160F 30Ah,  Yinlong LTO66160H 40Ah,  Yinlong LTO prismatic cell 30Ah

Pre£ºAll batteries will be testing before package and ship out
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