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EVE ICR18650 26V 18650 26V 2.55Ah 3C 5C EV battery
  • EVE ICR18650 26V 18650 26V 2.55Ah 3C 5C EV battery
  • EVE ICR18650 26V 18650 26V 2.55Ah 3C 5C EV battery
EVE ICR18650 26V 18650 26V 2.55Ah 3C 5C EV battery

EVE ICR18650 26V 2.55Ah 3C 5C discharge power battery

China EVE battery 18650 26V 2.55Ah 2550mAh 3.7V 7.5A 13A power battery

EVE 18650 26V 2550mAh 3C

EVE 18650 26V 2550mAh 5C

【Series】:EVE Battery
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China EVE battery EVE ICR18650 26V 18650 26V 2550mAh 2.55Ah 3C 5C power battery for EV

EVE ICR18650 26V 2.55Ah 2550mAh 3C battery use for EV battery pack 

Cheap price china battery EVE 18650 battery grade A quality use for EV big battery pack

Grade A quality EVE 18650 26V 2550mAh 10A 15A EV battery cheap price

Original 100% brand new Li-ion battery have in stock fast shipping

We mainly wholesale original battery newest production date same batch A quality use for big battery pack  

China EVE 18650 battery :

18650 26V ICR18650 26V 2550mh 3C 5C 7.5A 13A

18650 29V INR18650 29V 2850mAh 10A

18650 33V INR18650 33V 3200mAh 10A

18650 35V INR18650 35V 3500mAh 10A

18650 20P INR18650-20P 2000mAh 20A

18650 25P INR18650 25P 2500mAh 20A

18650 50E INR21700 50E 5000mAh 10A


China DMEGC 18650 battery cheaper price:

18650 26E INR18650-26E 2600mAh 10A

18650 29E INR18650-29E 2900mAh 10A  

18650 32E INR18650-32E 3200mAh 10A

18650 20P INR18650-20P 2000mAh 20A

18650 25P INR18650-25P 2500mAh 20A

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Original China battery EVE ICR18650 26V 18650 26V 2.55Ah 2550mAh 3C 5C discharge battery use for EV battery

Brand:  EVE

Model: ICR18650 26V 2.55Ah 18650 26V

Type: 18650 lithium ion battery

Capacity:  2550mAh 2.55Ah

Voltage: 3.7V

Max discharge current: 3C 7.5V and 5C 13A

Used for: laptop, power bank, UPS back up power system, flashlight, e-bike, scooter,  instrument equipment, electric vehicle EV battery, portable power storage system, electric vacuum cleaner, smart robot, surfboard, POS, smart home application, Bluetooth speaker, Manicure machine, medical facility, handheld gimbal etc.


Original Specification:


More original data sheet of EVE ICR18650 26V 18650 26V 2.55Ah 3C 5C power battery cell, just contact us.

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