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Sinowatt SW18650-34MP 18650 34MP 3350mAh 3C battery
  • Sinowatt SW18650-34MP 18650 34MP 3350mAh 3C battery
Sinowatt SW18650-34MP 18650 34MP 3350mAh 3C battery

Sinowatt SW18650-34MP SW 18650 34MP 3350mAh battery

Sinowatt 34MP 18650 3.6V 3350mAh PK LG F1L

【Series】:Sinowatt Battery
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China battery Sinowatt SW18650-34MP 18650 34MP 3350mAh 10A batttery cell PK LG F1L

Sinowatt SW 18650 34MP 3350mAh 10A rechargeable power battery

Sinowatt Battery 18650 34MP 18650 3.6V 3350mAh PK LG F1L 3350mAh

A quality Sinowatt SW 18650 battery for EV battery pack

Cheap price china battery  Sinowatt 18650 3350mAh Li-ion battery grade A quality use for laptop EV battery


Original 100% brand new battery have in stock fast shipping

C ompany wholesale newest production date same batch good quality use for big battery pack

China Sinowatt SW 18650 battery cheaper price:

SW18650-25HP 18650 25HP 2450mAh 5C 12A max 8C 20A

SW18650-25SP 25SP 2500mAh 8C 20A max 12C 30A PK LG HE2 HE4 Samsung 25R 25RM

SW18650-26HPA 26HPA 2600mAh 3C 8A max 5C 12A PK LG M26 Samsung 26J

SW18650-30MP 30MP 3000mAh 3C 10A max 5C 15A PK LG M29 MG1 Samsung 29E

SW18650-30SP 30SP 3000mAh 5C 15A max 10C 30A PK LG HG2 Samsung 30Q Sony VTC6

SW18650-32HP 32HP 3200mAh 3C 9A max 5C 15A PK LG MH1 Samsung 32E

SW18650-34MP 18650 34MP 3350mAh 2C 6A max 3C 10A  PK LG F1L

SW18650-35MP 18650 35MP 3350mAh 3C 10A max 5C 15A  PK LG F1L

SW18650-35HP 35HP 3500mAh 3C 10A max 5C 15A PK LG MJ1 Samsung 35E NCR18650GA

SW26650-50ME 20650 50ME 5000mAh 3C 15A max 5C 25A

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Original Sinowatt INR 18650 34MP 3350mAh discharge battery use for EV battery

Brand:   Sinowatt

Model: SW18650-34MP INR 18650 SW 34MP 

Type: 18650 lithium ion battery

Capacity:  3350mAh / 3.35Ah

Voltage: 3.6V

Max discharge current:  3C 10A

Used for:  laptop, power bank, UPS back up power, flashlight, e-bike, scooter, E-drill, medical device, instrument, Power tools etc.


Original Specification:


More data sheet of Sinowatt SW18650-34MP SW 34MP 3350mAh battery, just contact us.

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